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Julia Sánchez Monteis

I am a visual artist who handles different languages ​​(painting, photography, engraving, ...) Self-taught, I have expanded my artistic knowledge in the Escola Massana,  Manera Negra and Agora Espai de Creació. I am part of the team of artists Zone 230 Engraving Workshop.


All my works have a common reference, the sensations that I perceive in my daily life and in my travels, the attraction for worn pieces, textures, the patina of history over objects. I am seduced by serene landscapes and calm and suggestive atmospheres.


By using a range of neutral, balanced tones, with a predominance of greens, blues and grays, the paintings distill a kind, intimate nostalgia, a gentle poetic discourse.


I enjoy exploring media and materials. Now I work with acrylics and coldwax (treated cold wax) but I also incorporate marble powder, pigments, cement, inks, ... The process of making the work is very intense, with incisions, scrapes, subtractions, personal calligraphies, with accidents spontaneous pictorial. It is a slow and thoughtful work, until I get an abstract work, but that contains the essence of my referent. There is a physical translation from the idea to the subject.


My favorite engraving techniques are photogravure and collagraph, which allow me to work with the same inputs, and get a very pictorial result.

In all the works I chase the energy of memories, intuition and dreams.

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